Friday, May 8, 2009

We're Selling our Home!

Jason and I have decided to sell our home!

(our home when we first moved in)

This is so exciting for us. Which may later turn stressful due to the fact it's not the greatest time to try and sell a home. But(!!), Jason's parents have a bit of land just south of us and they are lovingly going to gift us a piece of it so we can build a home there. We have always had it in our plans to build a home, but we never in a million years thought it would be possible this early in our lives together. But we couldn't be more happy. We have even picked out a plan that we like, with a little tweeking of course.

We like the idea of having a loft. That way when the kids (future, since we only have one currently) are older, we can send them upstairs to play while we are having dinner parties.

Our plan is to get what we feel is needed to get done in order to put it on the market, hire one awesome realtor and give it all up to God.

So, we have comprised a list of To Do's.

To Do List:

1. Improve the lawn. This includes fixing the fence, landscaping, and trimming the Large Oak.
2. Replace lighting in both bathrooms.
3. Paint Doors and Trim.
4. Pressure wash the house.
5. And Stage the House!

Hopefully we can get this all done in 2 Months. To some this may seem doable in the allotted time, but most of our weekends are booked solid.

This Saturday Kicks off the start to our list and the selling of our home.

I'll be blogging about my inspirations and the things we desire for our new home.

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