Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sand and Water

Today we went to the beach with our Engaged and Young Married's Group from Church. It was a perfect day for it. It was hot, but not too hot, the water was perfect, and the friends were perfect.

Cohen didn't care too much for the sand. But, he did brave the water for a bit.

But spent the rest of the time sitting, mooching off of everyone.

Celebrating 5 Years!

So, Yesterday Jason took the day off so that we could celebrate our Anniversary all day. We are actually taking a cruise (my first one!!!) in September (praying for no hurricanes) for our 5th Year Wedding Anniversary. But we still wanted to do something special on our day.

The baby woke us up early, as always, so after he was fed by Jay, I made us a lovely breakfast. Pancakes, Eggs, and Sausage!!! The sausage was a treat, because we never have red meat.

We relaxed for a little bit after breakfast and then packed up the baby for a day with the Grandparents (both sets).

First we sent Co to Jason's Parents while we went out for a nice Italian Lunch. After stuffing our faces with bread and pasta, we went to go pick up my engagement ring!!!

Sometime while I was pregnant, my ring began to bend in half. I think it was due to getting it resized and them not doing a very good job of it. None the less, after a year of not wearing it, I finally got it back!! It was like getting a new piece of jewelry. I love it!! I think I was secretly hoping for an upgrade, but it was the original ring my hubby got me. And I do love it.

After that we traded cannoli's for our baby, we dropped by our home to make a picnic basket and get more goodies for the baby to spend the evening with my parents. After spending a little time with my Dad, we headed off to have our picnic at the Movie in the Park, which happened to be Jason's all time favorite movie, Back to the Future.

It was a wonderful day celebrating our 5th year Anniversary. Now...2 more months till the cruise!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Anniversary My Love!!

5 Years ago Today, I married the love of my life!!
Little did I know, we would be living in our first home and have a little 1 year old.
We've had our ups and downs.
But one thing is for sure, I look forward to many, many more years with my best friend, my husband, my lover!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Swim Lessons

Yesterday, Cohen had his very first swim lesson. A friend in the church gives out free lessons to other members of the church. Cohen is only 13 months, but we thought it would be something that he would enjoy and plus a little knowledge wouldn't hurt. Our little man is a water baby. If the temperature is just right, he will stay in there all day and float around. And when I say float, yeah, I mean just float. We learned that Cohen is very buoyant. It must be all that yummy food he eats. He has gotten use to people holding him in the water. So our main goals of the day were to 1) get him getting into the water by himself, 2) blowing bubbles, and 3) kicking. He kind of got down number 1, but then became a little daredevil and wanted to go down the stairs like a big boy. And as far as numbers 2 and 3...we aren't quite there. But he does do a great job of keeping his head up and closing his mouth so he doesn't swallow a mouthful. All in All I really think he enjoyed it and we are looking forward to going again tomorrow.

And I forgot the camera...but here is a pic of the cutie in the pool another time.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July! Yesterday.

Our 4th of July was wonderful. I made us a pancake breakfast which was a great start to our morning because we loooove pancakes! We got some stuff done around the house and once the baby was up from his nap we headed over to the Park by the Riverwalk. (We wanted Cohen to ware himself out and take another great nap since we knew we would be out late.) He ran and ran all around.

After about an hour we were all tuckered out and sweaty. So we headed back home and relaxed. Then that evening we went to our friend's house for their Annual 4th of July Party. We grilled out, ate lots of food, and played with little ones.

Then we all walked 13 blocks down to the Riverwalk to watch some fireworks.

Last year Cohen was only a month old and slept through it all. This year he watched with amazement and even clapped a few times. He's just too cute. When the fireworks were done we headed home and slept!