Saturday, May 9, 2009

4 Hours

That's how long it took us to do yard work this morning!! And we still have so much to do before I (we) will be happy with. But our budget is we will be stretching the dollar as far as we possibly can.

This is our house before. The yard is covered with our Oaks lovely dead leaves. And we have tons of weeds everywhere. We've been very neglectful.

Cohen helped us by happily playing in his Play Pen.

Jason helping with the last bit of weed picking/clean up for the day.

Our collection of bags of leaves. A total of 13 bags. I was pretty surprised because our yard isn't that big. And we didnt even make it to the back yard or the side yard.

And this is our yard so far. We raked all the leaves we could possibly get. Removed the wood rot surrounding the tree and trimmed the hedges. It is now ready for more weeding and for new plantings to pretty it up. Maybe we can win Yard of the Month for once. haha. I'll make it my goal.

Until next weekend.

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