Saturday, May 2, 2009

Boston - Day 1

Packed and Ready to go. We were off to Boston! I hadn't been on a plane since we went to Seattle the August before we found out we were pregnant. I was super nervous and extra nervous flying with a baby for the first time and with a 6:30 am flight.

But Cohen did amazingly well. We had so many compliments and were super proud of him. And before we knew it we were in Boston.

The First day we didn't do much. We stayed with Jason's sister and her family. We hadn't been to see them in Boston in almost 3 years.

So, we hung out around the house and went to the park.

It was a nice calm before the storm. Which was a list of everything I wanted to do in Boston. When I visit different Cities I am a major tourist! I want to visit everything and make the most of my time there.

We went to bed early to make sure we got enough rest for our busy and fun vacation.

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