Monday, June 14, 2010

Scenes From the Weekend

Yet another fun and sad weekend. It's been really hot in FL this summer. We are already reaching the low 100's and for this pregnant lady, that feels like a sauna. And I still have 2.5 months left. So, to cool off, our Engaged and Young Married's Group went to the Springs on Saturday. We had the perfect weather and the water felt so good. At this particular spring, you can rent inner tubes and float away down the natural river. I think it also helps you ease into the cold of the water, unless of course you decide to just jump in and risk it all. It's about a five minute float down the river where is takes you to a pool and then into another wider river. Cohen loved to hang over the side of the tube and look for fish and splash around. His newest thing, that he typically does in the bath, is to dip his bangs in the water and let the water run down his face. So, he did that as well. I could have stayed in that water all day. After that we headed over to one of the couple's home and had some lamb ribs and hot dogs. By the time we got home, we were exhausted.

(the story goes that sharks would swim up the springs some years ago and because they then had nowhere to go they would then die. so if you look hard enough, you can find sharks teeth)

Sunday we went to lunch with friends after church to send off our best friends. We helped them finish packing that day and said our goodbyes. Yesterday was a really hard day.

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