Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Avery's Room - The Crib

We finally got around to putting Avery's Crib up this past weekend. It'd been setting in it's box for over a month.

First of all though, way back when, we found out that Cohen's crib had been recalled. At first I debated whether or not we really needed to return it or not. But then I remembered I need to be a responsible parent and also that it would be lots of fun to pick out a new crib and one that was perhaps a little more girly. The original crib was purchased from Wally World, so I was pretty limited in what I could get. I was really wanting a Jenny Lind crib, but unfortunately they didn't have that option. So, we settled for her baby sister (she hasn't grown into her turned spindles on her sides yet). Even though it's not a Jenny Lind, I am excited about the outcome. Plus I got some extra spending money because of the difference. Bonus!

Now I can get working on the bedskirt!!

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