Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cohen's 2nd Birthday Party

First of all, it is crazy to think that I am the mother of a 2 year old. It has gone by so fast, I barely remember him as a baby. Okay, so now onto his party.

We had an animal themed party because Cohen looooves animals. He loves them so much that if we go past a pasture, he thinks there are always cows that are going to be there. And you know that Chik-fil-a commercial where the family is riding in their car and the son in the back seat keeps shouting "Cow"? Well, that's exactly how Cohen sounds. So cute.

So, like I said we had an animal themed birthday party. I was going to see if some friends could bring some animals by, chickens, mini cows, mini everything, but that didn't work out. And since we live in Florida where it's been in the 90's, I decided to borrow our friends fun blow up water slide and all and let the kids go crazy in the backyard. We had animal themed foods, along with some rice and beans and pulled chicken. We had coloring of animal pictures as well and just let the kids have fun in the playroom too. I even made a backdrop for a fun photo booth where we all dawned animal masks. But most of our time was spent outside.

Here are some pics from the party!

I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted to of them outside, but that's okay.

I'll do separate posts about the photo booth and the details.

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