Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Going Green

Jason and I have recently started composting. It first started as us just burying our food waste into the ground just to help with our lack of nutrient rich soil and to keep waste out of our trash and eventually the landfills. Our soil is very sandy; it may just be a Florida thing or just our backyard thing. I need to do some research.

But, as of recently we have bumped up our composting. Thanks to Young House Love, we have made our own composter. I've been researching buying one, but they have been more than I am willing to spend, so once we saw the tutorial on how to build our own composter, I thought I can do this!! And I especially like the price of $7.

Young house love explains the how to order really well, so you can check out the directions here.

My mother-in-law also recently gave me my own in house food waste bin. It's made of porcelain and has a lovely filter in the top so that it doesn't stink up your home. Just remember to empty it into your compost bin, otherwise it gets pretty nasty inside.

So, for now this will be our compost bin.

Until I can find some old pallets and make one of these.

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