Friday, October 16, 2009

Art Show

First off, I finally got batteries for my camera!!! Well, my old camera. My dad currently has the camera that we actually use. Now I can get back to my photo of the day!!

Okay, back on track...

Last night, J and I took Cohen and my mom and met up with my dad at an Art Show. It was actually a fundraiser to help raise money for different charities in the USA and Uganda. Twelve artists joined together and painted for a week straight on a particular theme, which was Endurance. Then last night they had to have all the paintings done for the showing and Silent Auction. They do this all over the world and every year there is a different theme. We thought it was pretty neat. Plus, the fact that we went out on a week night was amazing! Ever since having Cohen, I don't think we've gone out on a weeknight. It made me feel young again! Haha. Just kidding. I still feel young.

So, here are some pictures of artwork that stood out to us.

Oh, and their was live music both inside and outside which really helped with the ambiance.

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