Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Going Green

This ain't your mama's cloth diaper....

We've been using cloth diapers since Cohen was 2 months old. What first made our decision to use cloth was our concern for the environment. Then we realized the savings we would have monthly; it saves us around $70 a month.

The cloth diapers they make now-a-days are AMAZING!!! When my mom used cloth diapers, they were a piece of cloth, two pins, and a plastic cover. Those diapers are still available today, but now you have more options. There are the velcro ones we got from, BumGenius, snap ones from, Fuzzi Buns, and many many more.

You can still get a laundry service if you want, but we just wash them at home. We use the amazing BumGenius Sprayer for #2 and just store them in a closed bucket till it's time for washing.

So, don't diss cloth diapering until you try it!!!

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