Thursday, February 2, 2012

And we are composting

Photobucket We have finally got around to composting! Only took us like 2 years. I am so bad at finishing things. Anyways. We made our compost bins out of untreated pallets that we got from a friend. I needed to add some more boards to them so that everything wouldn't spill out of it once it was constructed. After that we joined all the pallets (4 in total) with untreated 2 x 4 pine boards and 1 x 4 cedar boards. I still need to add more cedar planks, but that can wait until the bins start to fill up.

We added a layer of leaves that we got from another friend and put some dirt on that. Then we filled it up with kitchen scraps, stirred it around and added more leaves on top. And I added a touch of water as well, but not too much because the dirt was already damp.

But I am finally glad we got it going. We've been doing it now for just three weeks and it's going to take quite some time. I realize in the meantime we are going to have to buy compost but eventually we will be able to use our own!

Pictures to come soon once Photobucket starts working... Photobucket

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