Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Compost Bin, Part 1

I've been wanting to make a more efficient composting system for a while now. We tried to make a small cost effective one, but it didn't really work for us. I either didn't put enough holes in the bucket or I puts too much stuff. I'm not sure. So, for a while there, our composting just kind of diminished. But ever since the new year came around I have had the urge to make our composting dreams happen.

We were given untreated pallets to us by a friend after posting something on FB. I was so excited because I didn't know where to start looking to get any. Plus, I wanted to do this as cost effective as possible. We were given four altogether. I'm planning on using them to form a three bin system. They will run parallel to each other and to connect them I'm just going to add some wooden planks.

But because the pallets had too large of gaps between the slats I needed to add more. I headed to the home improvement store to purchase more 1x4 cedar planks. I cut them all to length and just filled in the holes.

Now I'm waiting for a free weekend so that Jay and his muscles can help me put them together.

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