Monday, December 12, 2011

A Visit with Santa

While Jason was working on some stuff for our Church Christmas Play, I decided to take the kids to see Santa. I wanted to change up our little routine so that it didn't feel like another weekday. Well, our little visit with Santa was pretty much an epic fail.

I was so worried Avery would immediately start crying that I rushed everything. I didn't fix her dress. The settings on the camera were all wrong and I didn't shoot in RAW which gave me a really bad photo that I couldn't fix too well. And Avery was crying. But really I think it's kind of funny to have a pic with Avery crying on Santa's lap. I just wish her diaper wasn't showing and that the 4 Disney employees standing around would have said something. Oh well. It'll be fun to look back on and laugh. We may even try again. Maybe she'll have a different reaction. But if we do go again. I'll bring help, like Jason, and pick the right settings on the camera.


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