Monday, December 5, 2011

Avery at 15 Months


I think I say it every time, but, I LOVE this little girl. It has been really fun to watch this little girl grow up. Her personality is developing so much! Jason and I just look at her and look at each other and just laugh. She is so silly and so funny.

Avery turned 15 months right before thanksgiving. And these are some photos from then. She was more interested in walking around then taking pictures.

Avery still loves her Mommy very much. And I am trying to enjoy it very much. I know one day she will be a Daddy's girl, so I really need to enjoy it now. I'm sure I will miss it later.  She is very girl, but also a little tomboy. She loves clothes and more so shoes! She loves her baby doll and bringing it practically everywhere. She loves to dance and sing, and to be chased around the house. She loves to go outside and to the playground, playing with her brother's matchbox cars. She also loves to Eat. There are days that she eats more than Cohen. And I'm not really sure where she is putting it. But she did gain 3 pounds in three months, which before she only gained 2 pounds in six months. She is growing. She now weighs 20 lbs 10 oz and is 30 inches tall. She has also gotten her two bottom molers.


Avery was saying a few words: dada, mama, dog, duck, yes, shoe, that, which she says all the time. And I feel like I'm forgetting a few. Oh well. She hasn't been talking that much lately. But the other day I did get her to say night night. Avery is signing though: daddy, eat, more, please, thank you, help, all done, baby, sleepy, and again I think I'm forgetting a few. But I know she understands what we are saying and she is learning to communicate. And I'm really thankful for that.


We are continually looking forward to seeing this little girl grow and we are enjoying each and every day we have with her.

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