Friday, March 27, 2009

Thrifty Finds

When my husband first met me I was a surfer girl without a care in the world. I was most comfortable in a bathing suit, board shorts and tank top with my reefs. I worked and went to school Monday through Thursday and would hit the beach for the weekend for the best waves. Well, 2 years of dating and 5 years of marriage later, my tastes and desires have become a little more...expensive. Unfortunately for him. But, unfortunately for me, I don't have deep pockets (especially since becoming a stay at home mom). And lately I have become a little more -concerned - about my appearance. So, after happening upon some other blogs and seeing how some girls have become quite successful at the neighborhood thrift store, I have decided for myself to become thrifty as well.

Today I had to run by the Salvation Army to pick up an item for my husbands costume for the play tonight. Then I decided to browse through the shoe department to see what I could find. And look what I found....

...I realize they may not be "in" totally right now...but I'm looking to develop my own style. Somewhat Trendy. Somewhat Vintage. We'll see what happens. But I'd say, for the first time out, I like my purchase.

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  1. I'm glad I can finally update here; it kept telling me you deleted your blog when I'd try. Anway, those boots are too cute. I never have luck with finding shoes at the thrift store, but last week I found the cutest J.Crew skirt with tags for only 3.99! Rock it, girl!