Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Cohen!


Our number 1 son just turned 3 years old yesterday. I was just recently talking to a friend about how fast they grow up and how it is so hard to even remember them as babies. That is definitely how I feel about Cohen. He is getting so big.


Cohen has gotten to the point where he doesn't really want his picture taken anymore. He just turns away and goofs off. I am really happy I even got a few I could be proud of. Cohen is quite the character. I've been wondering if he is going to be a class clown. He's been making up his own language and just being very silly overall.

But combined with that silliness he loves to help us out. I really need to take advantage (lol) of this time. That way as he gets older it will hopefully continue.

Cohen is also all boy. Very active and at times a little aggressive. But at the same time he is very loving and caring, especially towards his little sister. He is definitely keeping us on our toes.


Happy 3rd Birthday Cohen!! Mommy and Daddy love you very much and look forward to seeing you grown into an amazing Man of God!

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