Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Technology Fail

The Sunday after we got back from our Family Vacation to Colorado, our computer crashed. We thought it was the hard drive. I cried. For two days. Cried. The thought of losing all the pictures I had taken for the past year and a half, gone. All gone. I know, I should have backed up all the pictures. And we do, but since getting the external hard drive that's only used to house all the photos I take, it now falls on my shoulders to back up the pictures. And I hadn't backed anything up in a while. Now, I will back everything up monthly. Thankfully everything else was backed up. And I am even more thankful that it wasn't the hard drive after all that went, but the motherboard. So, there is a high chance we can get all those photos back, as long as we find what we need to make it happen. Now we have a new better hard drive, but I still have so much to do before I can start editing photos and posting new blog posts. So, for now, I am thankful to be connected to the outside world again!

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