Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our Backyard

I've been bugging Jason for a while now about wanting to redecorate our home. And after a lot of conversations and realizations, we have now put it in the budget to be able to do some projects around the home. (Insert Happy Dance) Now, our house really isn't decorated at all. We have a few pictures on the wall. But I would no way call it decorated. Jason has asked me to make a plan listing out what I want done and estimated costs. He's a planner. Not a fly by the seat of your pants guy. But it's cool with me.

Our first focus is going to be on the backyard. We have a very rambunctious 2 year old and a wasteland of a backyard. We need a place for him to burn off all his energy (which will hopefully make him sleep in) and a place where we will want to sit to stay out there with him, as well as entertain friends and try our hand at being self-sufficient.

Here's our backyard as of right now.

It's horrible. But it's been low on the totem pole. It's also not a very big back yard and has one very sizable shed, that is going to have to stay.

The backyard is around 20' x 60'. And I want to fit a lot in back there. A LOT. And most likely it will go through two or three stages.

The first stage is the biggest and will consist of expanding the patio and adding a table with chairs. Adding some greenery around the south end, building a 4x4 garden bed and finishing up the 4x8 bed, building a compost bin, and hopefully buying a small swing/play set. Oh, and a grill. Because what's a fun backyard without a grill?

The second phase, we will add another 4x4 and 4x8 gardening bed, some lounge seating and maybe a movable fire pit.

Then the third phase, if at all possible, would be to build a pergola over the dining area and replacing the fence. This phase will most likely be after a lot of the inside of the house is already done.

The plan is to start this weekend with expanding the patio and buying the table. I haven't decided what I want to do about chairs yet. Do I want them all to match or mix them up? I'm hoping we can get it all done this weekend. Maybe just in time for my birthday??

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