Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Avery - 6 Months


My baby girl is 6 Months old! Her half birthday is on MY Birthday! Not that we celebrate half birthdays, but my best friend always did growing up, so it just makes me smile.

This past month has been a bit difficult. Avery has become very clingy to Mommy. I love that she loves me and needs me so. But...I don't will pass. She has also been waking up multiple times throughout the night. We've been trying to get her to cry it out. But it hasn't worked yet. She'll cry forever. And then get angry. But the past two nights she has only woken up once. I hope this trend continues. And then hopefully start sleeping through the night.

When Avery is well rested and fed, she is tons of fun. She still loves to stand. But now she grabs your face and hair and pulls herself towards you so that she can then chew on your face. She also enjoys just sitting on the floor and playing with her toys. She's gotten pretty good at reaching for things and pulling herself back up. But sometimes she reaches too far and face plants. It's kind of funny.

Every time I change her diaper she will either grab her feet and chew on them or she starts kicking her legs around and twisting all over the place. It makes it more difficult to change her, but it is cute. Sometimes I just let her do it for a while. I figure it's good to have some nakey time.

Avery still isn't rolling over. She has a few times. But I think it's only because she's lost her balance. So, no rolling over and not crawling. But I guess that's fine. I'll have to baby proof even more and watch her even more when she is mobile.

We are starting solids soon. Once I make it. I do think she needs some more food in that little belly of hers. So I am excited to make her baby food and get her started.

Time is flying by so fast. But we are having a lot of fun.

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