Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Visiting Santa

We recently found out that you could get a picture and take your OWN pictures with Santa at Downtown Disney! Usually you have to pay for a package at the mall and with wanting to buy gifts for everyone in our family, I just can't justify spending money on some pictures. So, Jason had Monday off and we headed down to Disney that afternoon to snap a few.

Cohen was excited to see Santa. But once he got up there with the Big Guy he was as shy as he could be. He kind of just sat there with a half smile on. It was cute though. He eventually warmed up a little to smile and nod his head to answer questions from Santa. Avery just sat in Santa's arm, relaxing. She was very unlike me the first time I saw Santa. I screamed. And screamed some more. My poor parents. They had one of those kids. We haven't really talked about what we are going to do about the whole Santa thing. Cohen hasn't asked any questions, so I'm guessing we have a good year to prepare for the next Christmas.

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