Monday, October 18, 2010

Scenes from the Weekend

This weekend we had a pretty relaxing time. Just family and time with friends.

Friday night we went out with our Engaged & Young Married's Group to see a movie in the park. They were showing Monster House, a cute animated Halloween-ish movie. Cohen didn't really well with the movie. This is only the second movie he has watched and he was pretty attentive. Even when he got a little 'scared' he would still want to watch the movie. It was really cute. Avery was really good throughout as well. A little into the movie I had to feed her, so she pretty much just slept the whole time. A cool front also came in the evening. It got down to the mid 60's and it felt so good.

Saturday we just bummed it around the house after Jay's football scrimmage. We opened up the windows, did a little cleaning, and relaxed a lot.

Sunday evening we decided to head out last minute to the pumpkin patch. We go every year as a tradition and it was extra fun this year having Avery with us. Avery was taking it all in until she quietly fell asleep. I did try and get some pics of her...but she wasn't all that interested. Cohen ran around the whole time, throwing pumpkins, which we had to end, and trying to make new friends. He tried to pick up a few big pumpkins and would exclaim "too big". By the end he wanted to get a small pumpkin, so we gave him a dollar and taught him his first lesson with money and goods. It was really cute.

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