Monday, April 26, 2010

The Weekend in Photos

This weekend was just what I needed. Last week was rough with Cohen waking up at 5:00 just about every morning and off with all his naps. I really needed a fun weekend to get me going again. Most Saturday mornings Jason will play football with a group of guys from his work and church and just friends of friends. A little after Jason left, Cohen was asking where "Dada" went and I told him he went to play football. All he could say after that was "foot ball" over and over again. So, after an epic failure at trying to visit a new Thrift Store, I decided we should go watch Dada play football. That was a bad day to forget to bring the camera. Cohen wanted to play so badly with with big boys, but did a great job of staying on the lines and watching.

Later after lunch and a nap we went to go see a friend get married.

Then followed that up with going to Jason's co-workers annual Crawfish Boil. This is one of my favorite traditions we do every year. Her parents ship down pounds and pounds of live crawfish and cook them along with potatoes, corn on the cob, mushrooms, garlic, sausage, and all the spicy seasonings. They then poor it out on two large tables and you have at it. It is so tender and delicious. There is also jambalaya that is super spicy, gumbo, and alligator. The party goes on all day.

I hadn't noticed any other year, but Cohen was sure to show me something new. But they have the live crawfish out to play in large galvanized buckets. Cohen couldn't get enough of them. I think that's where we spent 90% of our time. I wish I would have taken video of his reactions to them. It was beyond adorable.

Sunday we celebrated one of best friend's Birthdays. We headed out to All Fired up, which is one of those pottery painting places. It was fun to watch everyone's creative juices run. Everyone except Jason. He claims trying to be creative or artsy would just cause him frustration. That's okay, he can be our picture taker and baby watcher.

We let Cohen paint something for Avery. I chose a small snail dish and thought we could use it on her dresser for all her earrings she will be wearing. After choosing the colors that go along with her scheme in her room, we let Cohen have at it. He was excited to paint, for we hadn't tried it yet before.

And I was excited to see how he would react and feel about it all. At first I think he was more interested in touching the paint and eating it. No worries though, the paint is non toxic. But he enjoyed it. He would paint some then get bored and come back to it. Just what I figured an almost 2 year olds attention span would allow. It was a lot of fun

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