Monday, April 5, 2010

The Weekend in Photos

Happy Easter! We had a wonderful Easter Weekend. Friday evening we have a bible study group that we attend. We made is special this past Friday for the upcoming Easter holiday and had a traditional Easter dinner. It didn't include all of the traditional fixings, but we did have brisket, chicken, roasted asparagus, and potato kugel. Then for dessert we had a flour-less chocolate cake. I brought my camera, but failed to take any pictures.

Saturday morning we headed to our Church's Easter Egg Hunt. It was cute watching Cohen run around. Unfortunately there were a lot of older, faster children, so he only got 3 eggs. Two he got all by himself and one mommy snatched up for him. He was pretty eager to sit down and open the eggs to see what was inside. We then played on the playground and then we all left with Cohen and his very first lollipop in tow.

Then later that day after some grocery shopping and rest I decided I wanted to dye some eggs with Cohen. My mom came over and we tried two different versions. The first batch was dyed with food coloring (mixed in with 1 tsp of vinegar and boiling water). Then the second batch we did with natural food dyes. These were made from every day items in your pantry. We used turmeric, chili powder, and red wine. A hand full was brought to a boil with 1 cup of water then turned down to simmer for 15 minutes. They were then transferred to coffee cups and we added about 1 tsp of vinegar to the mixture. All the articles I red online said they take a long time to dye, so we left them in the mugs overnight and took them out the next day. Jay and I like the more muted tones the natural dyes made. I think next year we will do all natural dyed eggs and do a bunch more as well.

It was so fun watching Cohen as he helped me dye the eggs. He was so into it that when there were no more eggs to dye he got upset. After we pulled the food colored eggs out, he just wanted to stare at them. Well, he wanted to play with them, but we kept him from that. It's definitely a tradition we will keep.

Easter Sunday was nice. Cohen opened his Easter Basket before church and enjoyed every
minute of it. He got two books, two wooden trucks, two large bugs, and a shirt.

Then for lunch we had Jason's parents over. We tried to take a family picture. But Cohen wasn't having it. Still, it was a nice, relaxing evening. Though I was beyond exhausted.

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