Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Swim Lessons

Yesterday, Cohen had his very first swim lesson. A friend in the church gives out free lessons to other members of the church. Cohen is only 13 months, but we thought it would be something that he would enjoy and plus a little knowledge wouldn't hurt. Our little man is a water baby. If the temperature is just right, he will stay in there all day and float around. And when I say float, yeah, I mean just float. We learned that Cohen is very buoyant. It must be all that yummy food he eats. He has gotten use to people holding him in the water. So our main goals of the day were to 1) get him getting into the water by himself, 2) blowing bubbles, and 3) kicking. He kind of got down number 1, but then became a little daredevil and wanted to go down the stairs like a big boy. And as far as numbers 2 and 3...we aren't quite there. But he does do a great job of keeping his head up and closing his mouth so he doesn't swallow a mouthful. All in All I really think he enjoyed it and we are looking forward to going again tomorrow.

And I forgot the camera...but here is a pic of the cutie in the pool another time.

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