Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July! Yesterday.

Our 4th of July was wonderful. I made us a pancake breakfast which was a great start to our morning because we loooove pancakes! We got some stuff done around the house and once the baby was up from his nap we headed over to the Park by the Riverwalk. (We wanted Cohen to ware himself out and take another great nap since we knew we would be out late.) He ran and ran all around.

After about an hour we were all tuckered out and sweaty. So we headed back home and relaxed. Then that evening we went to our friend's house for their Annual 4th of July Party. We grilled out, ate lots of food, and played with little ones.

Then we all walked 13 blocks down to the Riverwalk to watch some fireworks.

Last year Cohen was only a month old and slept through it all. This year he watched with amazement and even clapped a few times. He's just too cute. When the fireworks were done we headed home and slept!

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