Friday, March 2, 2012

Our Spring Garden

After two years of reading, planning, and procrastination, I finally got our garden going! I'm not sure what stopped the procrastination but whatever it was I am thankful for it.

We have two beds total, but I only have one bed, a 4x4 bed, filled and planted. Hopefully we can get the other one started for the Fall. I decided a square foot garden would be easiest and most beneficial for us.  We have pretty sandy soil, lots of weeds, moles, cats, squirrels, and I needed something that would work for all those situations. In it we have a better boy tomato plant, two basil plants, a yellow pepper plant, and a green pepper plant. I also planted one square with Bush Lake Beans seeds; the other square right next to it will have more beans which will be planted in a few weeks. There is another square where we planted carrots seeds and we will have a second of those as well. Then the bottom row has lettuce and spinach seeds. I'm hoping I can get a small harvest of those before it gets too hot. We also have a pot that we planted a strawberry plant in. Hopefully we can get to them before the birds do.

Photobucket Photobucket

I do plan on making a cage to go around the bed to help keep the "predators" out, and Avery, but my staple gun isn't working at the moment for whatever reason.

This will be the time of trial and error, but I'm looking forward to see what we can grow. I definitely want  us to eventually be able to grow the majority of all of our food. But for now, it's one step at a time.

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