Thursday, March 8, 2012

Avery at 18 Months


A few weeks ago, on my 28th birthday, Avery turned 18 months. She is growing up so fast and is becoming quite the character. She is super silly and you often find yourself asking her 'what are you doing?'. She loves to sing and dance and when she's done or the song is over she starts clapping her hands and saying 'yay'. It's adorable. It makes us want to get her started in dance! She has lots of sass and spunk. And she is still very much a mommy's girl, even though she calls me dada. haha. We are working on it.

Avery is also starting to talk more as well. It's really exciting because although she can eventually show you what she wants, it is so much nicer when she can tell you.

One thing that is hard right now, which happened with Cohen at this age, is that she is becoming quite the picky eater. I can't say I'm worried about it because she is good and healthy but it is aggravating when she won't eat what you give her. I don't make her anything else. We still stick to that rule. We figure if she is hungry she will eventually eat.

Some other things Avery is loving are being outside, climbing on everything, shoes, clothes, sunglasses, tea time, books, and hide and seek.


We love you Avery and continue to look forward to seeing you grow!

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