Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lightning McQueen, Rock'n'roll, and Falling Elevators

The week after Christmas we headed out to Disney with my family, like we've done the past three years. This year we decided on Hollywood Studios. We hadn't been there since before kids and the bonus was Lightning McQueen would be there. And Cohen is quite obsessed with Lightning McQueen. Here are just a few pics. My phone died halfway through our day and I didn't bring my camera because I really wanted to enjoy my time with my family.

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Though we had a good time and made the most of it, I think we decided we will not go to Disney again the week after Christmas. It was jam packed. They ran out of fast passes half way through the day and most lines were 1.5 hours long or longer. So, we didn't go on many rides. The last ride we went on was Toy Story where we waited 2 hours. And though it was worth it to see the excitement on Cohen's face. I don't know that we will ever wait that long again. We ended the evening enjoying the Christmas Lights, fake snow, and eating Mickey cream :).

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