Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!


We had a pretty low key and relaxing Thanksgiving this year. I spent the morning making pumpkin bread and later sweet potato casserole. And before we headed out to Jason's parents house we bummed around the house catching up on shows and overall being lazy. I think it was just what we needed before the very busy weekend ahead of us.

Like I mentioned before we headed over to Jay's parents house and had a pretty uneventful rest of our day. Except for the incident. But we'll get to that in a minute. The first thing I wanted to do when we got there was take some pictures. The sun was going to be setting soon and I didn't want to miss another opportunity to get a family picture. The one below is the best there was. (I took way more photos, but I haven't gotten around to them) Then we had a delicious dinner. I didn't overstuff myself. I'm kind of sad about that but at the same time not. So back to the incident. While we were all eating, Cohen decided to get up from his seat and try to get Avery's attention. He pulled a little too hard down on her highchair and the whole chair, with Avery in it came, came toppling over onto him and leaving Avery trapped in her chair face down. Talk about a heart attack. Avery was not hurt and after a little crying was back to herself. Cohen on the other hand had a huge knot on his head. It's still a small bump today. We continued to watch him the throughout the night and he turned out fine. But oh man was that scary. The whole thing kind of killed the fun, but we are thankful nothing worse happened. Now it's just a story to tell in the future.


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