Wednesday, November 2, 2011

First Ever Pumpkin Carving

The Friday before Halloween we gathered with some friends for a pumpkin carving party. Besides yummy festive food there was lots of pumpkin carving. I hadn't carved a pumpkin in years; since maybe middle school or even elementary. So clearly this was our first time as a family and for Cohen to carve a pumpkin.

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Here we are looking at the insides. Our pumpkin wasn't yet ripe but we were still able to carve it.


I asked Cohen if he wanted to help me with the insides. One hesitated touch later and he was not interested at all. Mommy got all the work.


We asked Cohen what face he wanted the pumpkin to have and this is what he gave us. He also said he wanted square eyes and a round nose with a smiley face. I did my best. And I'm pretty sure I succeeded in the eyes of my three year old.


And here is our Pumpkin! So cute.


And here are all of the pumpkins, minus one, from the evening.

I'm thinking this may be added to the list of Holiday traditions.

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