Thursday, December 23, 2010

Avery - 4 Months Old

Avery is finally getting use to life outside the womb. She is a ball of energy. She loves to watch her brother and smile and laugh at him. She is getting more comfortable at tummy time and in her car seat. Three times this past week she was in it and didn't scream at all. It made for such a pleasant drive. I will often catch her holding her hands and staring at them. So cute. Then she will quickly put them in her mouth to chew on. We now know she is definitely teething. She chews on whatever she can get in her mouth. She almost turned from tummy to back but caught herself and didn't turn. When she is on her back she will turn her whole lower body...but can't seem to get past her shoulder. She will just lay there chewing on her hands. She has also started making this puckering kind of face and noise. It's so funny and cute. I think it means she found her tongue. Or is ready for real food. Not sure though. Her first Christmas is two days away and we are so excited!!

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