Thursday, September 23, 2010

Avery, Happy 1 Month

Wow!! Already a month has gone by since the birth of our little girl. Time flies by so fast. Way too fast.

1. Likes to eat a lot. And let's Mommy know loudly when she is hungry.
2. Is doing a great job of holding her head up. (but I have to watch for the occasional flinging of said head, before she goes flying out of my arms).
3. Is smiling quite often. Though supposedly it may be gas or what not. I like to think she knows and loves me.
4. is a light sleeper and doesn't like when people touch her while sleeping.
5. is starting to have longer stretches of sleep during the night. But she is like her brother and likes to wake early.
6. looks so much like her Daddy.

What I have learned in the past month:
1. You don't really remember how the first month went at all with your first born. No matter how hard you try to remember.
2. There truly is not enough time in the day.
3. Naps are way more important than cleaning.
4. Being a mother to more than one is a lot harder.

I am loving life so much right now!

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