Friday, December 11, 2009

Girl's Christmas Party

Every year one of my dearest friends throws a Christmas Party for all her girlfriends and it's open to anyone, who's a girl, of course. She lives near the historic part of the city. So, there are no subdivisions, just tons of homes and some shops from the 1920's to present. The best part of the evening is the Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt. The night before her and her husband go around scoping out different decorated homes and coming up with clues for each one where we then have to find them and take a picture. It's a night where no kids should be out playing and nobody walking their dogs because there are crazy ladies speeding down the streets snapping pictures of your home and who knows what may happen.

Two years ago my team almost won, but this year, we did!!! It was so much fun. We then end the evening eating lots of food and having a gift exchange.

If you don't have a Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt you do every year, I highly recommend it!!

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