Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Today we took Cohen to Build-A-Bear. We've wanted to get him one before he was born, but either didn't have the time or had other priorities. But this year we decided that we would get him one for one of his Christmas presents.

We let him out of the stroller to see if he would gravitate to any of them and to see what he would do. Well, he gravitated to any that he could get his hands on. If he knew what kind of animal it was he would make an animal sound. And then he would proceed by kissing it and strangling it. Who knows what he thinks of of stuffed animals. Yesterday when I was shopping with my MIL for Cohen, she handed him a stuffed animal and he proceeded to punch it. I'm not sure where he gets all this aggression. He's all boy that's for sure.

We named his build-a-bear Boone for lack of anything coming to the brain. Plus we figured Cohen will eventually name him all his own. It was fun. Not sure if he will become attached to it or not...he hasn't become attached to anything so far. Which I'm actually pretty happy about. We want him to be independent. Anyways, that's a whole other conversation.

We'll see what happens Christmas morning!

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