Monday, November 30, 2009

The Weekend in Photos

This past weekend we went to the Zellwood Corn Maze. I've been wanting to go since last year and we finally made the trip out there. My parents tagged along and we met up with my cousin BJ and his girlfriend Stephanie, who both just happened to be in town that weekend.

The main corn maze is 6 acres and after about a half hour of wandering around, going in circles, you wish you would have paid the $2 for the glasses to see the hidden map. But instead we took a picture with my cousin's iPhone and wow was that a lot of help.

To make the maze more fun they have clues hidden all around for you to find that then helps you figure out a puzzle. It was a lot of fun. We let Cohen walk around it for a while and also put him up on BJ's shoulders, which he loved!! It took us somewhere between 1.5 to 2 hours to finish the whole thing. After that we played a pit in the other mazes, bought some Zellwood Sweet corn and headed out to my cousin Marcella's home for some grub and UF/FSU Rivalry Football watching. You see, I come from a large committed FSU family and I happened to marry a Gator. But they love him and forgive him for his choice in life. I guess when you have a blood relative turn to the dark side, it's not as hard to welcome outsiders. haha. It's all out of love and they don't give him as much of a hard time as they use to.

Then later that evening we went to check out the light show in Downtown Mt. Dora and then called it an evening.

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