Thursday, April 5, 2012

Coloring Easter Eggs

I am always looking to do things in a more natural way, so it wasn't any different when it came time to color Easter Eggs. One reason I want to color them naturally is so I don't waste anything (and because I love to eat hard boiled eggs). And another is because it's just better for ourselves, each other, and the environment to do things more naturally.

So, for dying Easter Eggs this year I found through Pinterest that you can dye eggs with Kool-Aid. The process seemed very simple and I thought the bright colors would be fun for the kids. I wish I would have made more eggs, because it all went by way too fast. And I think it would have been better and more fun for the kids had they had their own carton of eggs.


Yes, Avery ended up spilling the cherry kool aid on the table and all over herself. You would have thought she was bleeding she was so upset.

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Cohen was beyond excited to color Easter Eggs. I loved it. A part of me wants to do it again, just him and I. But seeing how Easter is only a few days away, it's not gonna happen.

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The flavors from left to right...
top: orange, lemonade (with a little orange), lemon lime, mixed berry, pink lemonade (with a little strawberry), and peach mango
bottom: cherry, grape (I added some mixed berry, but not nearly enough), mixed berry, lemon lime, strawberry, black cherry


The coloring with kool-aid was fun. But it stains your hands and clothes. I love the vibrant colors, but I may try something different next year.

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