Thursday, March 11, 2010

Going Green: Trying to be Intentional

Lately, we have been feeling the urge to go a little more greener. Well, we've always wanted to be really green, as much as we could afford, but I think our talk was a lot bigger than our walk.

Some steps we have already taken are: changing out all the light bulbs to CFL's, using reusable bags (although sometimes we forget them), and using cloth diapers. We've dabbled in composting, but have not been consistent with it.

So, this year we are going to be more intentional about Going Green. Here are just a few items that have made our Short List.

1. Start our own Square foot Garden. We've been gathering supplies as we get money, so hopefully we will get this going real soon so that we can have a late spring/early summer crop. We want to eat more locally and organically for the health and safety of our food and the carbon footprint it leaves when you are having to have produce, dairy, meat, etc., trucked in from all over the world. So what better way than to try and grow most of your food.

2. Compost. And compost for real. We were just given untreated pallets to make some compost bins out of. It's important for our garden to have good compost and a variety of materials to make that up. So, if we compost our waste and have that variety, then we will have some amazing organic fertilizer.

3. Produce Bags. We're trying to not use any kind of plastic bags. Unfortunately, when you buy produce at the grocery store, you tend to put them in those tiny plastic bags. I found these online and will be using them instead.

4. Wet Bags. I had never heard of these before, until I cam across them while browsing a website. We have been using cloth diapers since Cohen was 2 months old and I would always put the used diapers in a plastic bag when we were out in about. So this will help us even further to stop using plastic bags. They also make biodegradable diaper bags, but you are still spending money every time you purchase them. I never got that concept. But the wet bags you can wash and use over and over.

5. BirdE Cloth Towels. I again found these while browsing a website. We've been wanting to not use paper towels for some time and for the most part we don't. But when I found these I fell in love! They are made from unbleached cotton and I think they will be great!

6. We are also trying to stay away from buying any kind of plastic. The pollution they cause and the chemicals used are so unhealthy. We love wooden toys, so that is where we are headed for the kids.

That's just a short list of our main goals right now to live a more eco-conscious life. A great site I found just recently,, has really helped show us things out there that we hadn't even heard of.

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